The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker


SIMPLE on the finger.

The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring was developed with a very specific thought. It should be easy to carry and use.



CIRCUL is not classically round. It is adapted to the slightly oval shape of the finger and thus offers a better grip.



The ring housing is adjustable in size and adapts to each finger. Whether day or night, whether warm or cold.


The CIRCUL sleep tracker weighs only 9.0g. This low weight is hardly noticeable on the finger and is thus not disturbing even during sleep.

The orange dots represent the snapshots.

CONTINUOUS measurement.

Every snapshot of our vital values carries the risk of getting a false picture. Already in the second after our measurement, our values could look very different.

Only with a continuous measurement can we avoid the risk of getting a false picture.


How much is enough.

There are not enough measurements if you want to measure continuously.

The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring comes amazingly close to a “enough”.

Measurements per second

PRECISE to success.

Precision is the most important thing when it comes to wanting to measure successfully. That’s why the CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring is calibrated to achieve a precision of up to 98%.

The CIRCUL sleep tracker ring performs highly accurate measurements with a match of up to 98%. No other sleep tracker delivers such precision at 100 measurements per second.

Every breather counts…

If you snore, you also sleep badly. Schanrchen also causes dangerous respiratory failures and an oxygen undersupply in the body. The recurrent oxygen undersupply increases the risk of various health problems:

  • Heart attacks
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia

So it’s every breathing interruption that counts.

The good thing is that you can do something about it.

Track your sleep.

In the case of a critical snoring, breathing stops usually occur. You can detect these by your oxygen saturation.

Accurate data collection

Collect valuable data through continuous sleep tracking and gain exciting insights into your sleep.

Precise to improve sleep quality

Thanks to the precise measurement, you can identify the influencing factors that affect your sleep disturbances and keep an eye on them. Only through continuous tracking can you be sure that your actions will bring the expected success.

CIRCUL Sleep Tracker

Price-performance winner

We are often annoyed by the high prices for a new smartphone, because usually not much has changed.

The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker is a true price-performance winner. It combines the most precise technology with a small and comfortable design. It is the first sleep tracker you can wear all night long without being disturbed. The price is therefore 100% reflected in the performance.

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