Just sleep better. Promised.

Sleep better?

More than 30% of adults sleep poorly. That means they have trouble falling asleep or falling asleep. Often sufferers resort to sleeping pills and other remedies. The problem here is the risk of addiction and the increasing tolerance for the active ingredients.

Sleep well without tablets?

Natural sleep optimization is often associated with long-term therapies. In fact, sufferers want an immediate solution to their sleep problem.

Sleep well without tablets?

Natural sleep optimization is often associated with long-term therapies. In fact, sufferers want an immediate solution to their sleep problem.

Just sleep better with AIVI.

AIVI is the natural solution for sleep and sleep problems. Your brain waves are stimulated by an auditory neurostimulation.

That's what science says.

Although AIVI’s technology is new and patented, there are comparable studies and expert opinions. Auditive neurostimulation is scientifically detectable.

More deep sleep

In the verum group, the amount of deep sleep was statistically significant compared to the placebo group (from 39.9 to 60.3).

University of Cologne, Prof.Dr. Egon Stephan, 14 participants, experimental field study, double-blind

Better sleep quality

The quality of sleep has improved significantly, the total sleep time (TST) has increased significantly by more than 25 minutes and the bed time by 31 minutes.

University of Cologne, Prof.Dr. Egon Stephan, 158 participants, exploratory pilot study

More delta waves

The subjects had significantly higher amplitudes in the delta band (approx. 1-4 Hz) of the EEG during listening to the corresponding passage of the CD than during the placebo presentation, which indicates an increased occurrence of delta waves.

University of Cologne, Prof.Dr. Egon Stephan, 45 participants, experimental laboratory study, double-blind

The technology for good sleep.

AIVI uses the auditory stimulation method developed by Infrasonic, which optimally stimulates all necessary sleep phases. So your sleep gets a bit better every day.

The music played at night through the sound bar gently and naturally stimulates your neural nervous system and restores your healthy sleep rhythm. This will allow you to regain your natural sleep in the course of a few weeks. AIVI works without lengthy preparation, without medical attention and is also completely side-effect-free.

Suitable for...

  • People with sleep disorders
  • People with sleep disorders
  • Professionals with a lot of travel
  • People working shifts
  • Children from 9 years

This is what our customers say:

Steffen Haase

Recently, I made one of my previously futile attempts to find a tried-and-tested remedy for sleep disorders on the Internet. Then I tried AIVI. Even if I lie awake longer today because of a rumbling, the sleep phases are obviously deeper; I don’t know any more seconds of sleep in the day. AIVI is a great sleep aid!

Ms M. Hoffmann

I am absolutely thrilled, the effort calms my whole body. Before I slept on average only 3 hours, now it is already a good 5 hours. For me, the purchase was definitely worth it.

Katharina Ruß

I observe with my son that he is much, much fitter in the morning and his eyes look recovered. In the evening he falls asleep without effort, unless it is as hot as it is now, it is difficult for all of us to fall asleep. I think the changes became visible relatively quickly. About a week later, I saw an improvement in sleep patterns.

By the way, you can also relax with the pillow or listen to audiobooks. Our life has enriched the AIVI pillow, but a THANK YOU.

Wolfram Wördemann

Night sleep has become deeper and more restful. It’s like being able to train the ability to sleep deep and tight, like a muscle. Somehow the brain gets used to the new, deeper level, can store it and retrieve it again.

Quicker and better to fall asleep.

The auditve stimulation accompanies you into a gentle fall asleep. The played frequencies stimulate your brain waves and slow them down by a few hertz. But the result is impressive. You will be able to feel the difference after just a few applications.

1. Better to fall asleep

Download the AIVI app and launch one of the three soundtracks.
AIVI will gently accompany you into your sleep and put you in a healthy sleep cycle.
The auditory neurostimulation stimulates the hinr waves according to the current sleep phase.


2. Wake up refreshed

Set an alarm so that AIVI takes care of a restful wake-up phase. The wake-up process is initiated 30 minutes before you want to get up. Your brain waves are stimulated in such a way that you are no longer in a deep sleep phase in time for your wake-up time.

The result: you wake up more relaxed and start the day with more energy.

The most important things in summary

AIVI Patent

Patented technology

AIVI scientifically proven

Scientifically proven

AIVI without side effects

Without side effects

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