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The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring is more than a classic fitness tracker. The focus is on the continuous measurement of oxygen saturation for sleep optimization.


CIRCUL is a sleep tracker ring with direct measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2). Ordinary fitness and sleep trackers usually do not offer continuous measurement. or a qualitative statement, however, a continuous measurement of saturation (SpO2) is indispensable.


Based on pulse, SpO 2and theimportant oxygen saturation index (ODI ) CIRCUL monitors the four sleep stages. A qualified report will help you assess your sleep quality. Thanks to a deeper understanding of your sleep, you can continuously optimize it.


CIRCUL is connected to your smartphone via an app, giving you an insight into your sleep and fitness status. Collect and share your live data to gain more insights into optimizing your sleep.

CIRCUL Sleep Tracker with App


More than just a fitness tracker.

Where most other fitness & sleep trackers measure the SpO2 only once per minute or even less, the CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring measures 100 times per second, giving you a good picture.


Sleep disorders


A sleep disorder can have many faces. From mild forms of sleep and sleep disorder to sleep apnea (breathing stoppage). If a sleep disorder persists several times a week and for several months, consequential problems may occur. According to the DAK Health Report 2017, around 34 million German citizens suffer from poor sleep and or sleep disturbances.


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CIRCUL Sleep Tracker and Fitness Tracker Ring

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CIRCUL impresses with its excellent design. No matter which finger you prefer to wear CIRCUL on, this is no problem. Simply choose between the two ring sizes. Thanks to its adjustable size, CIRCUL adapts to you at any time of the day and in any situation. Simply drag the ring to the correct size and start recording.

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