The new sleep tracking for sleep problems

Loud snoring & sleep problems?

A third of adults say they sleep poorly. 60% of men and 40% of women also start snoring with age.

Snoring can be harmless, but it can also carry health risks.

When is snoring dangerous?

Snoring becomes dangerous when it comes to respiratory failures. This is called “apnea“. During an apnea, the body is supplied with too little oxygen, there is a dangerous undersupply.

What to do about snoring & sleep problems?

First, you should find out if your snoring is critical. With continuous sleep tracking, you can find out.

What to do about snoring & sleep problems?

First, you should find out if your snoring is critical. With continuous sleep tracking, you can find out.


Why sleep tracking?

A sleep tracker can measure your oxygen saturation and pulse. If your oxygen saturation drops frequently while you are asleep, this may be a first sign of a critical sleep problem.


When tracking sleep, it is important that the device measures continuously. So at least once per second and not just every few minutes.


The sleep tracker should be easy to use and not bother you. Sleep tracker rings are usually best here.


Sleep trackers are usually connected to an app. This should provide precise evaluations and not just a “total score”.

Why continuity is important in sleep tracking?

Imagine that you want to watch a movie. But you only get to see one scene. Do you know what the film is about?

It is similar when measuring vital values. Only those who look continuously know what it is all about.

In the figure you can see a continuous measurement with the CIRCUL sleep tracker ring. The graph consists of 100 measurements per second. The orange dots represent snapshots. These snapshots would not have recognized the saturation waste and thus gave you the wrong picture.

CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring Continuous Measurement

Every breather counts…

If you snore, you also sleep badly. Snoring often also causes dangerous respiratory failure and a oxygen undersupply in the body. The recurrent oxygen undersupply increases the risk of various Health problems:

  • Heart attacks
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia

So it’s every breathing interruption that counts.

The good thing is that you can do something about it.

Track your sleep.

In the case of a critical snoring, breathing stops usually occur. You can detect these by your oxygen saturation.

Accurate data collection

Collect valuable data through continuous sleep tracking and gain exciting insights into your sleep.

Precise to improve sleep quality

Thanks to the precise measurement, you can identify the influencing factors that affect your sleep disturbances and keep an eye on them. Only through continuous tracking can you be sure that your actions will bring the expected success.

Our price-performance winner

Of course, innovative technology costs its price. We know this from new TVs, laptops and smartphones. Here are our top three reasons why the CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring is a prize-winning winner despite its proud award.


Continuous measurement – For two reasons, the CIRCUL ring has an advantage here. For one thing, it actually measures continuously and not once per minute. On the other hand, it can also be worn continuously.


ODI – From a scientific point of view, the ODI (Oxygen Desaturation Index) is becoming more and more relevant for sheep tracking and sleep assessment. The CIRCUL ring gives this weighty value and thus optimizes the individual sleep ratings.


The design – It not only contributes to the fact that it can be measured continuously. The CIRCUL ring is ergonomically designed in such a way that it does not slip and can thus produce a safe and meaningful measurement.


Why the CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring...

The CIRCUL Sleep Tracker Ring has the highest sampling rate compared to other sleep trackers. With the continuously high measurement rate of 100 measurements per second, precision is also well above average. On average, the CIRCUL rings achieves a precision of up to 98%.
No other sleep tracker continuously measures the pulse and oxygen saturation and is at the same time so easy to carry. Most finger clips would slip or fall off in sleep.

The only alternative is so-called wrist bands. These connect a device on the wrist with a cable to a finger sensor. Wrist bands, however, are much larger and more uncomfortable to wear than a small, lightweight ring.

So you have to ask yourself how much it is worth to you to be able to track your sleep undisturbed, continuously and precisely.

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